Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Six Simple Things You Can Do To Overcome Your Fears

I'm not sure who coined the term "fear porn", but it's one I appreciate. It's a phrase used to describe a story or event that uses fear to get someone cranked up or focused on fear to the point of getting excited about it. The question is, why would someone want us to focus on fear?

There are a number of reasons for promoting fear. Fear is often used to enable leaders to push through agenda points. The fear that came with 9/11 allowed politicians to begin a war in Iraq and pass the "Patriot" Act, which was the first step in allowing agencies like the NSA step on our privacy rights. Very often stories that involve the shootings of innocent people are used to promote anti-gun legislation. Fear can be extremely effective in promoting change.

Fear can create a docile population. When people fear an enemy, real or imaginary, they will allow someone or something they see as stronger and more powerful than themselves to protect them. The more fear people feel (and the more victimized they become), the more likely they will be to hand over the reigns of control to their savior or protector.

There is a much more subtle but ultimately more dangerous reason fear is promoted, however. On a spiritual level, fear makes people vulnerable to attack. There are certain negative energies that feed directly off of fear. Where the fear is great, one can feel these negative energies getting stronger as they literally suck the life force out of people.

Overcoming fear is as simple as recognizing you are in a state of fear and doing something to counteract it. Some of the tools I use are listed below:

  1. Humor. Laughing and jokes are an easy and instantaneous way of changing the energy in any given situation.
  2. Meditation. This can be a way for people to connect into their hearts and understand they are not powerless. Tapping into Oneness through meditation allows you to access the truth. Not only will you understand what is not accurate, but you will understand if there is something you need to fix.
  3. Exercise. Fear often leads to physical changes of stress in your body. Using your body in the physical act of exercise will often release these stress symptoms, allowing your mind to clear and see new ways of facing your challenges.
  4. Hobbies. Using an activity you enjoy can free your mind from fear and allow you to focus on something that will build you up.
  5. Connecting to pets. Petting with or playing with your dog, riding a horse, or even watching a fish in the fish tank all have the ability to calm your fears. Animals often have a sixth sense to understand your need, and they will do what they can to make you feel better.
  6. Talking about your fears to someone else. On many occasions, just getting the fear energy out of your body by talking about it to someone else will help you see it in a more rational light. Also, your friend might be able to help by showing your fear to you from a different perspective, which will alter the way you see it.
This is by no means an all inclusive list, but hopefully it will get you started on ways you can get over your own fears to create positive change in your own life.

When we are able to see past our fears, we are empowered to create the world of our dreams!!!



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