Friday, July 31, 2015

The Separation Of Death

In the past few months, I've noticed what I consider a large number of deaths that have touched the lives of myself and people I know and am close to. Granted, I am older now and common sense says the older you get and the more people you know the more likely you will be to know people who are making this transition. Still I can't help but feel there are a good many extra people "checking out" at this time.

As I contemplate the people leaving the planet, several thoughts come to mind. The first is, "Why are you leaving the planet now, when we are on the verge of such breakthrough?" I feel as though I am witnessing history in the making in this very moment, even though it is slow going. I don't understand how people could want to leave just as world events are getting particularly interesting! I really want to stick around for a while to witness the changes firsthand, in a state I am old enough to appreciate them in!

My second thought stems from my belief in reincarnation. As I view the deaths going on right now, I am a little resentful. In my admittedly limited view, it feels like these people are checking out for the really hard stuff, only to come back a bit later when things are a little more together and they can grow up in a world that is a whole lot better (and probably easier). I've always believed myself to be tougher than most, but is it really that bad?

Death is a tough transition, at least for the people who are left back on Earth, stuck in this time and this dimension. We are so invested in separateness here in this place of duality. Death often seems permanent--like someplace we cannot venture into as we live these earthly lives.

The thing is, the lives we experience now are extremely limited. They are defined by timelines and space. Our spirits, on the other hand, have no such limits. We are eternal, infinite beings. The fact of the matter is, when we remember how to tap into those versions of ourselves, we can do magnificent, limitless things!

This is how psychic mediums are able to tap into the spirits of those who pass on. The mediums are tapping in to the unlimited self that is present in all times and all dimensions. The "deaths" we experience here on Earth are not what most of us believe them to be. Our spirits are pure energy. Energy does not go away. It just changes forms.

Understand death is not the separation it seems. Regardless of whether a person chooses to leave the planet at this time, their energies still continue to exist on some level. We truly will meet again. Hopefully that meeting will occur in a much better time, a much better space, a much better dimension. The grand experiment of separation is coming to and end!!! Are you ready to experience something infinitely greater and more powerful?


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