Saturday, August 15, 2015

Connecting To Nature

I spent a great deal of time outside when I was a kid, especially during warmer months of the year. There were two trees in the yard of the home I grew up in. The one in the front yard was a maple tree that turned a magnificent red in the fall. The tree in the back yard was a huge black ash tree. It's dark and rough channeled bark is still etched in my mind even though it has been years since I've seen such a tree. There were a few rose bushes my mom had planted in the side yard beside my driveway. Behind the garage there was a huge lilac bush, and on the shaded side was a patch of lily-of-the-valley that would appear every June. The rest of the summer that same flower patch was home to perennial spearmint. Many were the days I would lay in the grass and study the movement of the ants or the lazy way the fluffy clouds moved through the sky.

There has always been something about nature that called to me. Even though my current yard is extremely small, there are times I feel the need to go into it, sit in a lawn chair and put my bare feet on the grass. There is definitely something powerful in the physical connection we all have to Gaia (Mother Earth). Scientists have even discovered that physically connecting to the ground has an antioxidant effect on the body and can help the body heal itself.

On a spiritual/energetic level, allowing yourself to being open to the energies of Gaia and nature opens you to the love and abundance available in the Universe. Just as a mother gives everything she has to make sure her children have what they need, Mother Earth supplies all those things we need, including inspiration. Connecting the Gaia not only grounds a person but can also have a calming effect.

The process of connecting to nature is simple. I find that sitting in one location gives me the opportunity to explore the individual energies of what is around me in a little more depth, although walking in nature is also therapeutic. Allow your mind to wander to all those things that draw your attention. It might be the grass, a rock, a particular tree. Notice the color and shape. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think of or remind you of? There are no right or wrong answers here. Different people will see different things and connect in different ways. Don't judge the thoughts that come. If something comes to your attention, your awareness is kicking in. Allow the process to happen.

The more we take time to explore the gifts that Mother Nature bestows on us--the more we take the time to be thankful for those blessings--the better able we are to connect with all the blessings and gifts the Universe has in store for us. Make it a point to connect every day. You will feel much more energized, loved and grounded when you take the time to remember the natural world around you.


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