Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Am Not Your Mama: Renouncing Spiritual Contracts That Burden You

It may surprise some of you that I can remember bits and pieces of some of my former lifetimes. The first time a memory came back to me was when I asked a specific question about a relationship I have with a present day friend. The exact question was, "Why do I have so many conflicts with this person I care so much about?" All of a sudden, I had a vision of a past life that explained our longtime connection and past struggles. Interestingly enough, remembering this event has helped me maintain a better balance in my present day relationship.

We all have many long standing relationships with people we meet here on Earth, regardless of whether or not we remember those past connections. Often we have agreements to help each other learn certain lessons or accomplish certain tasks. This is why many of the same people show up with us, lifetime after lifetime.

There are times when the same people bring the same low vibrations back to our lives to play out again. The goal is to learn something new in the hope that growth is achieved. However, sometimes one being is ready for the new vibration/frequency/change and the other being is not. At that point, it is important to intentionally renounce the spiritual contract that is tying you to the other being.

While you do not need to renounce the contract in a formal way, renouncing it formally will make a decisive end to your spiritual contract. The following is a simple outline you can copy (and change if necessary to fit your particular situation):
I, (your name here), renounce and revoke any and all spiritual agreements, contracts and connections I have with (person you are breaking the contract with). I understand only (person you are breaking the contract with) has the ability to change themselves and I am not legally or morally responsible for his/her well-being. I do not consent to the spiritual tie I have been bound with and declare my sovereignty and freedom from this person and situation. 

Remember, your life is not about another person. It is about you and your personal journey of understanding and growth. You are not responsible for the journey of someone else.

That said, I am not responsible for your personal journey. You need to take responsibility for yourself. I can show you the tricks and tools I use to connect to Source and find my own answers. In other words, I can show you the door. I cannot force you to walk through it. I love you, but I am not your mama!!!


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