Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Hope And Our Future

I had an extremely interesting conversation with some young coworkers a few days ago. By young, I mean all three of them were young enough to be my daughters. I can't remember which one brought it up, but the bottom line of the conversation was that none of them believed the "news" story about the reporter and cameraman in Virginia being shot live on air was real. None of them! For the record, I myself believe the story to be doubtful, but then again I am a conspiracy theorist. I have just seen too many stories that leave more answers than questions, too many leads not followed up on.

For example, I don't believe anyone died at Sandy Hook. There have been many things that made me question the story over time--emergency drill planned for the area that day, evidence of crisis actors, even one video that made a case for the child "victims" all being alive and well (and substantially older than they were reported to be at the time of the incident).

What I realize about my young friends is that they were born into a world with problems. Things have not been as easy for them growing up as they were for me. Consequently, they are not programmed to believe the world is run by people who care (like so many people my age and older). They see the flaws and desire to change things.

I'll admit, becoming a conspiracy theorist was difficult for me. I did not want to believe the world I live in is run by control freak psychopaths. When I finally understood the level of control and manipulation I live under, my world completely fell apart. I literally had to reconstruct my whole outlook to reflect these new understandings. Confronting evil is not pretty.

Young people today don't have anything to reconstruct because they were born into an obviously flawed world. It is much easier for them to not only see the evil but also to deal with it. These kids are now coming of an age where they are old enough to change the world, and they are making great strides. I am extremely encouraged that I do not have to fight this battle alone. These young people are our hope and our future. May I be blessed enough to witness everything they accomplish!


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