Monday, August 24, 2015

Someone Else's Journey Is NOT Up To You!!!

In an ancient past lifetime, I came into contact with a very aggressive and controlling personality. This person did some really evil things that hurt people I loved and affected me deeply. Karma acted quickly and decisively in that instance and he was killed. Several months ago, I realized this same energy had shown back up in my life and was once again hurting people I love. The relationships are different, and I am now in a position to understand what created such destructive anger.

As I meditated on this situation, several insights appeared. The first is that I am apparently attracting this energy back into my life. The second is that this energy is trying to gain something from me. The third is that I made a formal agreement on some level that is allowing this person back into my life. I believe I agreed to take some of the responsibility to help heal this very hurt and unhealthy energy.

I did show him the way to love, which is the greatest healing power there is. He is still the same angry, controlling energy he was before, causing havoc in the lives of people I love.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and renounce the contract I previously made. I may have agreed to help him. He decided to not accept the lesson. As far as I am concerned, my part in the deal is over.

What stands out to me in this whole process is that we, as humans, have been convinced we are responsible for our brothers' well being. Let me make this perfectly clear: we are not responsible for the journeys of others. We are only responsible for our own journey.

Do you honestly believe that what you do has the power to make or break another individual with free will? Do you truly think that you, and only you, have the power to save the life of any other? Maybe you should put on your shiny armor, mount your noble steed and ride into the battle to save the day! (Sarcasm intended!!!)

Yes, we are all responsible for everything we do!!! Actions have consequences, and if the actions you take are not in alignment with the wisdom and guidance of your heart you may have to deal with a lot of unnecessary problems.

The thing is, someone else's success or failure is their own responsibility. Their journey is not up to you!!!

As I look at the situation I described above, I have done what I can and what is in alignment with my heart. He has chosen not to learn the lesson. There will be other people and other situations which will enter his life in an effort to help him learn the same exact lesson. I did what I agreed to do. As far as I can tell, I've done it more than once.

At this point in time, I have chosen to renounce the contract and break off energetic ties. I am at a place in my own life I know I deserve more than the sort of struggle this energy brings. I am ready to disengage from this energetic block and move on.

I now understand his journey is not up to me. I do not need to struggle to teach him over and over again if he doesn't want to accept what I have to offer.

The journey that should be important to you is your own. Make it a priority to ground yourself and connect to the Oneness that lies within. It will show you the path you should take.


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