Monday, August 3, 2015

Starting Over With Money

I'll be the first to admit I have a tendency to bring up the doom and gloom that goes on in the world. It is not a pretty picture. That said, I do not bring it up because I believe everything is bad. I believe there is a great deal out there that needs to be changed. I point it out in order to break people out of the apathy they have been stuck in for so long. Problems occur when we do not care enough to take control of our own lives. As the world we have always known caves in, understand this is an opportunity!!! When things break down, we have the ability to change them!!! We have the ability to start over!!!

One of the most important things we can do to get the process started is to think in different ways. We have been stuck in a rut which has gotten deeper and more difficult to get out of as time passes. For example, here in the United States we have been stuck on the idea of a forty hour work week. Way too many of us work jobs that do not make us happy (aka don't fulfill our heart's desires). We know something is wrong because our hearts tell us so! We continue to do the jobs we do because we are dependent on money to supply us with what we need. What if there was no money (or what if the money we had and had worked for was worthless)? How would we survive?

Before our present technology, people needed to do physical work in order to supply what they needed for themselves. They might plot a big garden, raise animals, and can food. Many of them made their own clothes or bartered or traded for what they needed. The built their own homes. Some of them had businesses where they supplied goods and services to others. Sometimes they were paid in things like gold. At other times they were paid in different goods and services. My point here is, they did not necessarily need money. Why did we need money again?

We believe money is necessary because we have been programmed to believe it!!! As technology advanced, we no longer have to work physically demanding jobs (or even long hours) to supply our needs. The deceptions that have taken place though are quite real. Subtly and behind the scenes, various jobs have been assigned monetary values. This is extremely important. At the same time, those things we need have also been assigned monetary values. This is where the fun begins. As we become more dependent on technology to supply our needs, the people in power have worked to control more and more of the sources of those needs. They control our food production. They control our clothing production. They control our energy needs. They control our medical needs. They control our entertainment (including what we call news). They control our education. The fact of the matter is, if they control all our resources, they control us!!! With all this control, they can then begin to artificially manipulate prices on what we can buy but also on what we earn! Eventually, they end up with all the money!!!

This is the same mentality that brings you CEO's of huge corporations stating that the world's water supply should be privatized!!! (Meaning certain people should control a literally life-giving resource!!!) It seriously doesn't get any more screwed up than this!!! Note this is the very same company that is taking California's lake water during the biggest drought on record for FREE and selling it for PROFIT!!!

As our current economy grows weaker, it is imperative we begin to think in ways new ways. If we continue to believe those who supposedly own the world's resources actually "own" them, what happens when money we use to purchase those things no longer has the ability to purchase them? Will we allow ourselves to starve, or will we force these people to give up their power and control for the survival of the planet?

The changes we require are dependent on a whole new way of thinking about money and resources. By asking questions and opening ourselves up to new ideas, it is possible for us to not only survive but also thrive!!! Starting over with money depends on changing your though processes. Are you up for the challenge?


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