Monday, August 10, 2015

Thankful In the Storm

Storms. They are part of our lives, whether we want them to be or not. Most days the storms are not so bad and we get through them quickly and easily. Less often the storms are terrible. They may bring thunder and lightning and strong winds and last for days and even years. We question how we are able to survive, let alone do it with the ease and grace of thankfulness. Thankful is the last thing we want to be when we are in the middle of the terror. 

In our anger and frustration, we often ask how a supposedly loving God could allow such things to happen to us. It doesn't seem right that a being who holds unconditional love and great power would let us go through such hardships. Let me say this clearly: it isn't about God bringing or allowing terrible things to happen to us. Storms are there because we have energy issues we personally need to resolve. We bring the storms on ourselves.

At their core, the storms of life are spiritual issues. Spiritual problems can manifest in infinite ways. One person may come down with a physical illness, like cancer in themselves or a loved one. Another may be constantly broke or even become homeless. Still others deal with mental illness or other chronic conditions over long periods of time. The key here is to recognize there is something in the background that has brought the storm on. Storms are the physical manifestations of the underlying spiritual problem.

How do we fix the underlying (and unrecognized) spiritual problems? We ask questions!!! I usually begin with, "What am I supposed to be learning from this situation?" or "What do I need to become aware of?" Then I will ask for help in some form I will recognize--either a teacher of the information I need to know or several people/situations that all point toward the same idea (many people call these things "coincidences"). Understand that asking questions is key to figuring out what is causing the storm.

As you begin to work through the underlying issue, the storms will begin to lift and even pass. Once the storm is finally over, it becomes easy to look back and see the progress made. You begin to understand that your greatest lessons and accomplishments have all taken place because of theses storms. This is how people can be thankful in the storm! 

People who are thankful in the storm are thankful because they understand that past storms have changed them in profound ways. They appreciate the acquired strength and growth they received. They know the present storm can also contain a blessing, even when they cannot see it. Thankful people are thankful because they know what storms are designed to do--help us resolve our own inner issues.

The next time you find yourself in the middle of chaos, understand the Universe is conspiring to wake you up to who you can become. Be thankful for the opportunity to become better. Acknowledge the necessary change, and make it happen!!!


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