Friday, August 21, 2015

The War Is Being Won On The Internet

The hacking of extramarital affair site Ashley Madison has been big news the past few days. While this one seems to be a way to humiliate people by exposing their sins, my intuition is telling me there is so much more going on here. The hacking of this and other sites are happening to uncover information that will eventually be used to take down the cabal.

Ask any conspiracy theorist, and he/she will tell you stories about how people are working behind the scenes to arrest the powers that be for all their vast and many crimes. Most days I believe the cabal themselves actually spread these rumors in the hope that our knight-in-shining-armor programming will kick in, convincing us that someone else is on the way to save us all so we will not take action ourselves. While I definitely believe part of the reason we aren't seeing prominent people being arrested is because we personally fail to act, I also believe there are people working many different behind-the-scenes angles to reveal the crimes of those we have allowed to be in power. The work is extremely tedious and time-consuming because of the lengths those in charge have gone to in order to hide their crimes.

Besides this "newsworthy" hack (sarcasm intended), there have been quite a few other hacks lately that you should pay attention to. Banking hacks, especially where they obtain personal information on the bankers themselves, are part of this. There was a recent attack on US government agency sites that pulled up sensitive information about 19.7 million people who had gotten background checks and 4.2 million federal employees. Incidents such as these are not random attacks by people who want to steal people's identities. They are uncovering information they can use to track people down--people who are using their positions of authority to gain unfair advantage.

The battle for power is being fought on many fronts by many different groups. Understand the internet is a tool/weapon in this war. As more truth is revealed through database breaches, those who hide in the shadows will be put in the spotlight. The war is being won on the internet!!!


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