Saturday, August 22, 2015

We Belong To The Earth

Ownership. It's what we work for. It's what we fight for. It creates the need to dominate and establish boundaries. It is the driving force behind all wars. It is all based on a lie. The lie is that we are the dominant species who must claim their power and rule over everything.

Mother Earth laughs at the hubris of men. With one energetic volcanic heave, she can create more power and destructive energy than an atomic bomb. She can flatten whole cities with tornadic and hurricane force winds. She can deluge civilizations, often burying them in the depths of the sea. She can bring great ice to cover vast portions of herself and limit the population of the planet.

The sun, too, is a force to be reckoned with. Radiation can heat the planet and cause destruction on land and sea and animals and plants. Solar flares have the potential to knock out technology as we know it (and with it our way of life).

But we humans are supreme! We have the ability to take over and control everything (including each other)...or not!!!

The fact of the matter is, we have gotten it all wrong. We can no more own the land any more than we can own the sun. We may be able to control and manipulate certain things, but nature and the forces of the Universe will always have the last laugh.

It is we who belong to the Earth! It is we who have been charged with taking responsibility for how we live on her!!! Even with all the abuse we allow her to suffer, she will still survive after we have all managed to kill ourselves off.

It is time to be the good stewards of the Earth we were meant to be. The Earth can be our home and will provide for us if we treat her right. Our mission is not ownership or power. It is about life and enabling Mother and everything on her to live on in prosperity.

Isn't it time we remembered that?


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  1. nicely written, and remember the American Native knew this ,as well as other peoples around the world.♫