Friday, August 28, 2015

What It Means To Be A Lightworker

There are many people out there who like to call themselves "lightworkers". It's a rather New Age term meant to designate someone who has chosen to bring light and healing to the planet. The only thing is, I see a good many lightworkers who like to point out the flaws they see in others claiming to be lightworkers. This puzzles me. How can you be a lightworker if you are going about bashing other people? How is that helping to bring light and healing to the planet?

We all come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. What makes a Catholic better or more enlightened than a Protestant? Why is practicing Usui Reiki an improvement over Kundalini Reiki? Why is protecting animals any more important than saving Mother Earth herself? The fact is, no one perspective is the "right" perspective. Many of us change perspectives throughout the course of our human lifetimes and come to very different understandings of how the world works.

Lightworkers understand the overall goal is not to bring truth but to bring love. Life is not about fighting and separation. Life is about setting aside your differences and working together for the common good! While I do believe there is true evil in the world that needs to be overcome, it is a waste of time to stand against an idea that does not necessarily fit into your understanding.

Signs You Are A Lightworker

  1. Listen to the guidance of your heart.
  2. Focused on bringing light, love and healing to the world.
  3. Able to be love in trying situations.
  4. Understand (and accept) your own imperfections.
  5. Open to new concepts and to growing as a human. 
  6. Allow others to function as they are without trying to change them.
  7. Able to brings sides together to function as a cohesive unit.

What must be understood is there are many groups and philosophies out there that are all trying to help rebalance the planet. Just because they are coming from a different perspective than yours does not make them "bad". They are just seeing a different side that also needs to be worked on.

There is great evil in the world that is multifaceted and all-encompassing. It is going to take different perspectives and different approaches all working together to change things! Stop fighting them and go instead to where your heart leads you!!!

It is only when our hearts and minds are One that we can bring about a world of love, light and abundance for all!!!


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