Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Message For The Powers That Be

On this day, just on the brink of planned chaos, understand that we are waiting. This is not meant to be threatening or even a threat. It is meant to inform you we are not powerless. It is meant to inform you we have no intention of allowing chaos to reign supreme. We are aware, and we are also planning.

We are planning a new world based on sharing the world's resources for the benefit of all. We are planning a world without violence, without war, without poverty, without starvation, without illness, without separation of any kind. We are planning a world where peace and abundance reign supreme. Understand there is room for all, including yourselves, although your job will no longer be to rule.

It amazes me you still fight as though your power is limitless. It is not. Have you noticed that your plans are not getting the expected results? Have you noticed how often you have to come up with new plans to try to reinforce your old plans that are falling apart? It is only a matter of time before none of your plans will work anymore.

You have tried to break down our connection to the Source--to One. What you don't understand is that this could never happen. There will always be those who can connect regardless of what you do, and we are too numerous to stop now. More and more people remember this connection every day. You cannot overcome the power of the One.

We thank you for the lessons you have taught us in contrast. We thank you for allowing us to see the need to hold our own power sacred. You have fulfilled your oath and your contract.

Lay aside your plans and allow the new world to unfold in Oneness. 

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