Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Emergence Of The Divine Feminine

For thousands of years, our world has been dominated by a corrupted form of the masculine mindset. Typically, the masculine is what you would think of it as--rational, decisions based on the mind's information and experience set, strength (particularly physical), etc. The masculine is grounded and deeply connected to all things physical. The corruption comes in because these same qualities have been used to suppress and dominate its balance--the divine feminine. Instead of protecting the feminine, the strength of the masculine has been used to control. The logic of the mind (masculine) has been made to seem superior over the logic of the heart (feminine).  

The feminine has been corrupted as well. This can been seen clearly in the feminist movement that began in the 1960's. Instead of bringing forth the divine feminine characteristics of intuition and nurturing, feminism was portrayed as women taking on the roles of men. Instead of being the balance, it embraced more of the same. Women were encouraged to leave their "weaker" feminine side to use the same warring and corruption that was thought to be masculine. The corruption was by design because it is the feminine that is deeply connected to the spiritual aspect of life. When you cut someone off from their spiritual base, they feel isolated and separate and will not claim the innate power that is their birthright.

The world we know is on the edge of a precipice. The war, the poverty, and the disease exist because we have allowed unfettered control by the corrupted masculine mindset. Our world is seriously out of balance.

What will bring us back into balance? We can restructure our world through bringing back our own divine feminine natures! (And yes, whether you're male or female, part of your nature is based in the divine feminine.)

The divine feminine is what emerges when we begin to get back to our spiritual roots, and we do this by connecting to our hearts and the divine connection that is found within. This is the place in all of us that has been suppressed for thousands of years and what we must get back to if we are to solve the world's problems. Remember: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

A daily practice of getting quiet is all you need to get started. The following is a simple list to help you get started on your journey of connecting to your heart.

  1. Set aside at least half and hour every day as "Quiet Time". The same time of day will help your body attune itself to the practice. Keep this time sacred!
  2. Make sure the place you set aside is quiet and relatively distraction free. Again, the same place every day will help your body adjust and make it more ready to listen.
  3. Do not judge the thoughts that come! This is important! Your mind will likely wander a good bit when you first get started. Do not be hard on yourself because of it. As with any practice, it takes a while for your body to adjust.
  4. Remember that the breakthroughs come just as you arrive at the point of giving up!
The energy of the Divine Feminine can be found in each one of us as we continue to focus in on our own connection to divinity and spirit. The more we embrace this connection, the better we are able to express our own BEing in the world.


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