Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Freedom From Medical Tyranny

The past few years, I have suffered from an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. I say undiagnosed because I don't go to American medical doctors. I believe their education is faulty, and I am smart enough to ask questions and do my own research to find natural solutions with no side effects. Fortunately, the pain has been mostly limited to joints in half of my upper body, but when it first started happening it was intense--the worst pain I have ever experienced. As time went on, I noticed it got much more fierce when my allergies were at their worst. Taking care of my allergies really seems to help, but I have also found a supplement that seems to reduce the pain by reducing inflammation. Solutions aren't perfect, but I am getting along.

I honestly believe at least part of this problem is vaccine injury. I have had at least two vaccines within the past ten years. (This before I understood what was actually in them.) Besides the chemicals they add as preservatives and adjuvants, I believe there is some mechanism built in them that literally turns off your body's immune system. (You can listen to an in depth explanation of this mechanism here.)  The other parts of the issue involve things like no nutrition in the food supply and the addition of GMO's, many of which have the ability to kill off good bacteria in your digestive tract (which is where the vast majority of your immune system lies).

With all that said, this morning I am sensing humanity is on the verge of exciting new breakthroughs in the field of medicine! As we get closer and closer to the demise of the current powers that be, more of this cutting edge technology is going to be revealed. The war for control of the mainstream media is being won by We the People as people begin to see how some "news" stories are literally being made up. They will not be able to control the flow of information much longer!!!

What will it be like to live in a world where disease is almost nonexistent? What will it be like when our children aren't affected by conditions like autism and depression and cancers? It's coming, folks! (Indeed, it is almost here!) Get ready to fly!!!


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