Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Current State Of Us

I've been observing all the happenings around me. The Shemitah has come and gone with not much changed. That doesn't mean something won't happen on the financial front. I still believe there is a possibility the markets could crash at any time. There has been a lot of talk about a "financial reset". This would involve revaluing the currencies of the world, restructuring the debt system, and a redistribution of some of the world's wealth. I know people who have been working on this for years. My first thought was that they were going to let the markets crash as a way of introducing the new stuff. Lately, I have been feeling this may not be the case. There would be a good many people who wouldn't know how to cope if the markets crashed. They are so invested in the current system (in a physical sense and in a mental/emotional/spiritual sense), a total crash in our current system would plunge their energies to lows they may not be able to recover. With this in mind, the people in charge of the reset (and the ones I believe currently have the most power) may be better off proceeding with a more gradual process.

I believe most of the confusion stems from the fact there are many groups on the world scene vying for power. Conspiracy theorists often generalize the bad guys. There's us and the bad guys, and the bad guys are all working together. Think about it! This is just too simple to explain what is happening in the world. A better paradigm is that there are many different groups working to be top dog. Sometimes different groups work together. It just depends on whether all groups can benefit from the plans. They don't have the same agendas, so their plans don't all work together.

I do believe the Bush/Rockefeller faction of the cabal is losing power, although this has been a very tough one to break down. They have held a tremendous amount of power for far too long because of their involvement with the CIA's drug cartel and all the money that comes from it. This is reflected in the fact that Jeb Bush is not even much a contender in the Republican race for President while Hillary is going down in the polls daily because they are pressing her on her illegal server she used for national business. We will know the clan has lost all power when Hillary is actually charged with crimes. She will be the first domino to fall, and they will allow her to be sacrificed thinking they can hold off their own prosecutions.

The Bush cabal does still have more power than I would like to see. This is reflected in all the problems the Saudis are having in Mecca just before the beginning of the Hajj (the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca), the typhoons in Japan and the chemical plant "explosions" in China. I believe the incidents in Saudi Arabia and Japan are directly because they are no longer just handing money over to the Fed and paying for Bush cabal pet projects. The stuff going on in China has happened because the Chinese have been destabilizing the petrodollar through devaluing their own currency. The only reason nothing has happened directly to Russia, who is also working to overthrow the Bush cabal, is because they still have the military power to counter the US.

We are definitely living in interesting times. As we continue to make progress, it is important to listen to our hearts and not live in fear. Fear will actually take you out of your heart space and into a state of powerlessness. Just don't do it!!! Focus on hope, on joy, on peace, on love! Understand you are alive and you are here for a reason! It is time for all of us to live in our hearts and continue to create the world of our dreams.

Progress may be slower than we would like it to be, but we are coming along. Stay in your heart and take things one moment at a time, one day at a time. The future will unfold in unexpected and beautiful ways.


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