Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Day Of Atonement

Beginning at sunset tonight (September 22nd, 2015) and ending sunset tomorrow (September 23rd, 2015), Jews the world over will be celebrating their New Year. Called Yom Kippur, it is also known as the Day of Atonement. Traditionally, it is the end of a ten day period where believers are supposed to repent of all their sins in order to make themselves right with God.

I have seen and heard the word broken down a little differently that resonates with me a whole lot more; At-One-Ment. Today is the day to become One!!! For me, that means looking at all those barriers we have placed upon ourselves to keep us insulated and apart from everyone and everything else and doing what we can to remove them.

Separation is an illusion. We are taught we are independent entities who need to rely solely on ourselves, but this is not true. We are connected in unseen ways. This is why the energies we put out into the world always come back to us.

Take some time today to identify those barriers that separate you from your fellow man. Maybe the issue is money or culture or race or sexual preference or any number of things. Look beyond the labels to the person within. Recognize the light that is there. Allow that light to enter the light that is you and feel that connection.

We can fix the world on this Day of At-One-Ment. We just have to remember our connection. We just have to remember that we are truly all One.

No Man Is An Island

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