Monday, September 14, 2015

Trauma-Based Mind Control

The topic of trauma-based mind control seems like a strange one for a spiritual blog. Today the topic weighs heavily on my mind--so much so I can no longer avoid addressing it here. I present this information now in the hope that, as you hear more about this topic in and weeks and months to come, you will have compassion for those who have been subjected to this programming.

There was an old movie from the 60's called "The Manchurian Candidate". It was based on the premise that people could be programmed to act as spies, assassins, etc. without even being aware. As I grew up, I can recall hearing adults debate on the subject. The general consensus seemed to be this was classic Hollywood fiction--that no one could be so programmed they would do something outside their moral compass. I believe people can be programmed into such behaviors, and it all begins with trauma.

In a nutshell, victims are subjected to horrendous torture and abuse. In an effort to protect themselves, the person's mind begins to partition itself off into separate and distinct "personalities". The psychiatric diagnosis is Dissociative Identity Disorder (what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder). Programmers can then bring out and use some of these separated personalities to perform various tasks including spying and assassination. Quite often, the victim will not remember what happened because they are not aware of the personality that completed the job.

I believe this trauma-based mind control occurs at the highest levels of our country and trickles down in various degrees to the rest of society. At some level, all of us are conditioned to and programmed by traumas. Take 9/11. That tore at the psyche of the whole world to some degree. Here in the United States, we let the fear of the situation convince us we needed to allow the government to legally spy on us so that everyone was "safe". Even the deaths ("suicides" or unfortunate "accidents") of popular celebrities can affect us deeply enough we accept changes to our way of life without questioning those changes.

Understand there are many who will be charged with crimes they committed as a result of such programming. Search your heart for information. Have compassion for those who have been used as pawns by evil people. There are many who are still redeemable.

Above all, let love be your guide. It is the only power that can overcome such darkness.


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