Saturday, September 5, 2015

Visions For The Future

While we still have relative peace and calm, I feel strongly that we need to continue to envision the world as we want it to be. The more real this world becomes in our minds, the more likely it will be to actually appear.

First and foremost, we need to rethink the financial system!!! Currencies around the world need to be revaluated to reflect more equality in the system. The US dollar has been manipulated to the nth degree in order to give the rich and powerful even more wealth and power. Money is nothing more than a way to "keep score", and it has been badly skewed.

A better world should develop a system designed to redistribute the gifts Mother Earth has provided so that everyone on the planet can prosper! She gives freely to all, not just to a few at the top of the food chain. We have the technology and distribution systems in place to continue life as we know it. We just need to remember it belongs to everyone on the planet and not just those who hold power!

We need to envision a world where disease is actually cured! It is my belief that cures already exist. We just don't know about them because Big Pharma has been allowed to manipulate the system in the name of profit!!! Envision a world where people are not allowed to profit from the misery and suffering of others and we may actually see cures happen!!!

We need to contemplate a world where there is no more war and violence. Realistically, if people have what they need to live on they do not feel the need to take it from someone else. Making sure everyone is provided for goes a long way toward stopping these sorts of problems.

We need to see and understand the worth of each being on the planet. We are all spiritual beings having human experiences. When we are able to understand that and honor our fellow beings, humanity can grow in exponential ways. Be willing to honor the homeless man you see on the street just as much as you honor the President or prime minister of the country! In the spiritual world, status means nothing. We are all great and powerful beings!

It is time to look beyond the memes society has programmed us with and replace them with memes that will once again empower us all. Make sure your vision of the future is a world we can all benefit from!


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