Friday, September 11, 2015

Visions Of Peace

There is a place, deep in our hearts, where peace lives. Even though we cannot presently see it with our eyes, we understand it is a real place. We know we have the power to make it a reality. Today, more than ever, it is important to allow this peace to radiate out from our beings to shine its great light upon the world.

A few short months ago, a shooter in Charleston killed nine people in a church, including SC state senator Clementa Pinckney. It was widely reported that the killer was a white supremacist. While this may be true, I believe the emphasis placed on race by the media was designed to build up racial tension within Charleston and the state of South Carolina and promote riots, similar to what had happened in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

What the powers that be did not anticipate were the reactions of the people of Charleston and the state of South Carolina. Instead of being filled with hate, the good people of South Carolina came together and said, "We can no longer tolerate hate. We will use forgiveness to heal what is wrong and come together as a community." They carried peace in their hearts. They knew it. They lived it.

When the residents of the state did not act with the hate and violence that was intended, outsiders were brought in to protest in the hope that these protesters could get the violence started. Again, the good people of South Carolina recognized the external circumstances that were brought to them and refused to hate. They told the protesters to go home and take their hate with them.

This is exactly what we need to do today and in the coming months: refuse to hate and allow peace to reign in our hearts. It is time to see and recognize the worth of all souls. It is time to allow those who are different from ourselves the space to BE different. It is time to lay aside the barriers that separate us and create a world where we understand our deep connections to each other and our world.

May we all allow these visions of peace to shine so brightly and so powerfully from our hearts there is no room for anything else! Together, we can all make a difference!!!


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