Monday, September 28, 2015

WE Have The Power!!!

As I glance over social media this morning, I continue to see several articles badmouthing the new Common Core standards schools in the United States have pretty much adopted. Seems as though everyone (including teachers) despises them, but very few people actually do anything to try to change the situation! Why is this? Don't people realize we have the power to change things?

According to current population studies, there are over seven billion people on the planet. Ever heard the term strength in numbers? There is absolutely no way the few people in charge could control such a large population if we all began to understand we don't have to go along with their plans!

This is why the news media (which they own and control) constantly plays up stories of people and groups fighting each other. This is why we are encouraged to choose sides. If the controllers can keep us fighting each other, we will be so occupied we will not pay attention to what they are actually doing behind the scenes. This is their "Divide and Conquer" strategy and we fall for it every day. A few of them are even hoping we kill each other off in the process. After all, reducing the population makes it infinitely easier to control.

If we took the time to work together (I know, a novel idea) instead of arguing about who is "right", we might actually be able to come up with solutions that work for everyone (and not just the few supposed elite).

It would be really easy to get rid of Common Core standards nationwide. That's why we all need to stand up to the powers that be and in no uncertain terms tell them "NO!" There is absolutely no way they could stand up to even a quarter of the population demanding action.

They know it. And now you do, too!!!


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