Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why Beat Yourself Up?

I spent way too many years beating myself up. Whenever I made a mistake or did something wrong, I would fixate on it, condemning myself and vowing it would never happen again. At those times when it did happen again, my self-condemnation would take me so low I would be powerless to do anything.

As I look back on my life, I understand how programmed I was. I grew up in a Christian home, which brings its own forms of misery. One of the worst is growing up with the idea you need to hold yourself to perfect standards (aka be like Jesus), understanding the whole time that you are an imperfect sinner! How is that supposed to work exactly? It is inevitable you will screw up, being the imperfect human you are. Is life just meant to be full of self incrimination and punishment?

Yes, I am imperfect. Yes, I makes mistakes, and you know what? THAT IS OKAY WITH ME!!! The fact of the matter is, in those moments I have done everything right I have not learned much. I may have a fleeting moment of pride in myself that quickly fades with my next mistake.

As I look back on my life, I understand my mistakes have allowed me to learn. My mistakes have allowed me to grow. My mistakes motivate me toward new solutions. Mistakes are not the problems. Believing mistakes make you somehow bad or wrong is the problem! Dwelling on mistakes you've made only serves to waste valuable time you could be using to work out solutions!

You are a beautiful, wonderful and powerful being of light and love! You deserve to be treated so much better than what the world has provided for you until this point! Learn to accept that beauty and use it to BE the light that you are in the world!


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