Monday, September 21, 2015

You Are Supported!!!

Do you ever feel as though you're alone in the Universe? Does it ever feel that everything is all up to you and  you can't rely on anyone but yourself? I'm here to tell you that your separateness is a lie!!! You are not some stand alone entity--a small drop in a vast cosmic ocean! The reality is, you are part of a great connectedness that is always there for you and always has your back!

My father was an over-the-road truck driver for a number of years. At some point in his journeys, he was in a major metropolitan area when a lady merging onto the interstate ran into the side of his trailer. He knew he had not moved over--that she was the one who had switched lanes. She, of course, decided to sue my father and the trucking company he worked for, which usually results in major money for the car driver.

My father is a good man who happens to hold the belief that God has his back. Close to the time my father's case was set to go to trial, his lawyer caught a break. While he was in the court house on another case, he noticed the day's court docket (the cases coming up that day). On it, he saw the name of the woman that was suing my father! Apparently, she was in court suing someone else!!! The attorney did some digging on the accident victim and discovered she had also been involved in many more accident cases where she had sued and been awarded lots of money. On the day of my dad's trial, his lawyer was able to present this background information and the case against my father was dismissed!!!

My father believed that things happen for a reason and things work out. He felt connected to his Source--connected to the Divine, and he was secure in the understanding that he was being taken care of. When you hold such a belief, you release blocks and allow your life to flow. This is where the magic happens!!!

Understand that when you allow yourself to connect and live in that connection, you are supported. The Universe does indeed have your back! Trust in the Divine plan for your life--the plan we have all worked together to create. All the details will work out better than you can even imagine when you allow yourself to trust that things will materialize in a way that makes everything work in harmony.

You are supported! Trust the flow!!!


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