Friday, October 2, 2015

Becoming Aware Of Entities

In religions, it is known as possession. In the medical field it is often referred to as mental illness. Regardless of how you view it, it is a spiritual condition that can be overcome, although answers are not always easy. 

The vast majority of us are affected by them. By now you're sitting there thinking, "This is not something that affects me! I feel fine and function normally." It is my belief we are so used to carrying these entities around we think they are extensions of ourselves. Why do I believe this? There was a brief period in my life when I was clear of them.

I was attending Access Consciousness classes when I encountered them. Having grown up in a Christian home, I was aware of Bible stories about Jesus casting out demons so the idea was not totally new to me. I remember the experience well. I was asked the number of entities I carried around and I immediately heard myself say "14". The facilitator continued to ask me questions to help me let go of them. Most left easily. The last one was pretty stubborn (and stronger than the rest), but eventually it did leave.

How do I know it was real? I know it was real because of how different I felt when it was over. For the first time in this lifetime, there were no running conversations in my head--none. It was silent. Talk about getting clear!

I'm sorry to say I didn't allow myself to stay that way. Although I don't analyze it often, I do have dialogues running through my head. Because of my experiences I understand what is going on now. It's ironic that I am so used to feeling this way it is an almost scary experience to not have them there (which I believe is why I picked a lot of them back up).

The problem is, these entities can effect your life in negative ways. The really harsh ones can open you up to behaviors which allow other entities in--behaviors like heavy duty drug and alcohol abuse, sex with someone who carries a lot of negative entities themselves, and not taking care of your physical body. They can drain you of strength and energy, give you illness, and cloud your judgment.

One more thing to be aware of. Entities can come and go. We sometimes do things to heal ourselves that get rid of one or more of these entities. Prayer can help, but also things like staying sober, eating wholesome food, exercise and forgiveness can benefit us in unseen ways.

Bondage and slavery take on many forms. Freedom is a matter of recognizing what binds you and taking measures to cut yourself loose from everything that holds you back from BEing the shining light you are.


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