Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dealing With The Changing Energies

I have had several discussions with friends about the wildly changing energies that have been going on over the last several months. There are many days when the world seems so tense and chaotic that people are at the limits of what they can handle. It has been one crazy roller coaster ride, and at this point there don't seem to be any signs of it letting up any time soon.

There is no doubt in my mind this is all happening because the world is in a state of rapid evolution. While progress is being made, the changes are not smooth and this is why we all feel so out of balance.

Understand that nothing is going to stay the same for long. Everything is going to seem unstable as things change...and change again. Getting grounded and finding your center is going to take some work on your part.

How to Ground Yourself In The Midst Of Change
  1. Follow your daily meditation/connection practice. It is much easier to remain connected to Source energy when you take time to connect every day. When you are stressed, habits are easy to fall back into. (Connecting To Heart) (Your Daily Practice)
  2. Stay in the present. By focusing on what is happening in this moment, you limit the amount of time you stay in fear or regret. (In This Moment Of Now)
  3. Focus on the positive aspects of change. Remember that the Universe is conspiring to provide for the greater good. What may not feel good at the moment will ultimately work out for the good of all--including yourself. (The Blessing In The Struggle
  4. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Change is only going to occur at a more rapid pace the further along we go. When you anticipate the change it is much easier to roll with the punches.   
We are capable of remaining calm and stable in this period of great change! Help those around you cope by being the example they need to see to understand how it is done!!!


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