Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Am Not Your Enemy

I got together with my mom and sisters last night to celebrate mom's birthday. We decided on dinner and a movie and ended up seeing the Christian movie entitled "War Room". Even though I no longer consider myself Christian, I did take away some valuable understandings based on concepts in the movie.

The most inspirational thought is now the title of this post: I am not your enemy. It came to me from the main plot storyline involving a Christian woman having real life problems. When she complained about her relationship with her husband to an older and wiser Christian woman, the older woman pointed out that the younger woman was fighting against her husband instead of against fighting against all those issues that were driving the couple apart. The husband was not the enemy yet the younger woman was fighting him as though he was.

How many times in this human life do we look at people who are different from us and automatically believe we have to fight against them? We assume who they are and what they believe are wrong because of those differences. Instead of working with them we often point out how they are wrong (aka fighting).

I am not your enemy. Your fellow human is not your enemy. Our common enemies are greed, poverty, disease, war, lust for power. These things and more are what we must overcome, not each other.

None of us are perfect. We are all trying to do the best we can based on what we know. It's time to come together and look at each one as slightly different versions of ourselves.

The world will change for the better when we see each other as friends and begin working together for the common good.


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