Saturday, October 3, 2015


Who are you? What is your race? What is your religion? What is your gender? What is your political affiliation? Sexual orientation? Ethnic background? Income level? Job title?

What if I told you these things are not who you are? Would you believe me if I told you such labels were placed on you by society as a way to categorize and, in that way, separate us? We are told these labels are important in order to establish who we are. Is that true?

What if nobody identified themselves in such ways? Who would you be then?

Would you be sweet? Funny? Compassionate? Shy? Extroverted? Intelligent? Sincere? Courageous? Strong? Sad? Angry? Happy?

How would you spend your time? Singing? Laughing? Engineering? Painting? Cleaning? Thinking? Driving? Nurturing? Planting? Traveling? Exploring? Connecting?

Your true identity is not outside of you. It is inside, and it emerges when you free yourself from those outside labels.

It is only when we understand ourselves in authenticity that we BEcome who we were meant to be in the world. Drop the labels and understand your true identity.



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