Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sitting With The Energy

I've had an extremely interesting experience this week that triggered some really deep-seated emotions. While I don't believe the details of what triggered me are important to the world at large, I bring it up now because I want to use this to illustrate the process of sitting with the energy. Under normal circumstances, when we get triggered by strong emotion the first thing we want to do is run away or ignore it. The problem with that is, the underlying problem doesn't go away. It hides for a little while, only to return in the future in the hope that you will finally be willing to sort it all out.

The emotion that triggered me was fear. In a nutshell, I felt threatened as someone tried to stop me from expressing myself. Ironically, my first thought was very ego-driven. "What do I need them for anyway?", was the thought. It was only after this initial reaction that I decided to feel into the situation and see what else came up. It was then I allowed myself to feel that fear. While fear is an extremely uncomfortable feeling, I understood I needed to sit with my fear to see what it would bring up for me.

Sitting with an energy is an extremely easy to do process. What is key to remember is to not judge the feelings. Very often when we have uncomfortable feelings we do what we can to distance ourselves from them because we consider those feelings unacceptable. In other words, we just don't want to feel them so we shut them out and ignore them for more pleasurable pursuits. What is important to remember is that the emotions are not bad in and of themselves. Emotions are our body's way of telling us we need to pay attention to some information that is trying to come into our awareness!

Once you accept that you have those strong emotions, take them into your meditation/prayer time. Connect to your heart. When you are there, begin to ask questions. "What does this emotion bring up for me?", is a great place to start. You may begin to get words, images or even memories. Again, don't judge what comes up. Just allow them to come without telling yourself they are random, irrelevant thoughts. You may even find it helpful to jot down a few notes.

In my particular situation, I began having memories--some of them were past life memories, but they all ran along the same theme. Every memory focused on occasions when I was silenced for expressing a very strong, truth-driven, intuitive divine feminine insight. It was always a male energy that was trying to stifle me (although not always done by a male). In many instances, physical strength was used against me to "keep me in my place" as a woman.

The personal lesson in all this is that I have a very powerful message to share that I need to be more willing to express, even at times when it is so threatening to others that they have to attempt to stifle it in some way. I don't need to fight about it, but I do need to be strong and be willing to stand in my truth.

It is amazing the insights that come to you when you allow yourself time to sit with those uncomfortable energies. Understand your heart is not only your direct connection to Source wisdom, but it is also your connection to Source strength and power. All the support you need will come to you at the appropriate time when you take the time to connect within.


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