Monday, October 5, 2015

The Blessing In The Struggle

There are times when I look back at things that happened in my life and think, "This would have made excellent material for a soap opera!" There was the time I spent in a cult, fortunately escaping before the leader got put on death row for killing other cult members. There was the time I lost my firstborn child to a terrible infection shortly after she was born. Then there was my divorce and all the years I spent as a single mom, going through the struggles of raising three kids on my own, two of whom had special needs. Yes, soap opera material for sure!

Even though I make the above statement in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, I definitely had my share of very real struggles. Oddly enough, I no longer see those experiences as struggles though. I see them as blessings.

Each one of those experiences gave me valuable insights into myself, other people and life. Having to wade through the muck forced me to look for new ways of doing things because my old ways of doing things were not effective in those situations. The effort it took to get through such experiences made me much stronger than I was before.

When I look back at all the experiences of my life--both positive and negative, one thing stands out. The high points always felt good (thrilling even), but their only real value was as respite from the storm. It was the low points where I actually grew, becoming a better, stronger, more capable person.

How you view your struggles is your choice. I choose to see my struggles as opportunities for growth and progress. There are blessings in the struggle when you choose to see them and use them to forge new pathways in your life.


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