Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Power Of Asking Questions

For too many years, I was a good little girl. I followed the rules. I listened to those in authority. I typically looked no farther than the information available in the mainstream. Then I had a daughter who lived outside the box. As she did not fit the mainstream mold, I was forced to look at new information. I began to ask new questions when the mainstream answers I received were not good enough. My heart kept telling me there was more to the story.

My questions led me to new information and then on to more questions. I went from researching topics in the healthcare field to religion and politics, asking questions along the way. The more I questioned, the more information became available to me. I began to realize there was a great deal I was unaware of before, just because I had failed to asked questions in the first place.

Why are questions so powerful? When you put a question out in the Universe, you are signaling to the Universe that you are open to new knowledge. Being open is key to allowing energy to flow in your life.

Think about this: if you believe you have all of the answers, you are not open to new information. After all, you know everything! What else could possibly be learned?

Asking questions opens your life up to new possibilities! Even when you are looking at the same thing you've seen for years, asking questions allows you to change your perspective enough to see something from a different angle. Often the changed perspective shifts what you see so you receive new insights.

Want to change your life? Begin to ask new questions about the things in it. You may just open yourself up enough to allow new blessings to flow in!


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