Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The State Of Us

I have to confess, I was quite shocked that September 2015 came and left without seeing the stock market crash. Between all the wild fluctuations in the markets during the months preceding it and the end of the Jewish Shemitah (which has been a precursor to financial calamity in seasons past), I was convinced those in power were setting us up for another fall they could use to take more of our money. As it did not happen, it seems obvious: the power of those in charge is eroding at a rapid rate.

I see things happening all over the world that indicate change is indeed on the horizon. The fact that Russia's Vladimir Putin has the tenacity to bomb US/ISIS strongholds in Syria speaks volumes about the weakening state of the Bush/Rockefeller faction of the cabal. Also telling is the fact the mainstream media has not been able to suppress stories on how the US bombed a hospital in Afghanistan. There is no doubt the hospital was the target considering it was hit at least five times. At present the best the media can do it try to assign blame to faulty intel.

The question is, what can we expect now? The world financial structure will continue to change. The problem is, it is merely shifting from one set of power crazy people to another. We the People may see some changes that seem to benefit us in the short term (and by short term I mean 10 to 20 years), but they will not continue as long as the same sorts of people are still in charge. These people plan for the long term and are very patient. They are content to retain power by assuring the masses their changes are good. The noose is only tightened when the people are fat and happy (and no longer paying attention).

What can we do to change things? First of all, we need to understand that we all have power that we have chosen to allow those in charge to use. Those in power amuse us with bread and circuses so that we intentionally stop asking questions that change our reality.

It is time for us to ask the questions that will lead us to a world that is good for everyone! For example, how can we re-evaluate money so that our energy expended (our work efforts) and energy received (money earned) are exchanged fairly? There are a lot of people out there who work their fingers to the bone to just survive while a very few at the top work some and have more money than they can use in 100 lifetimes. To me, this particular problem has occurred because those at the top have been allowed to assign unfair values for various sorts of work. The energy they personally expend is considered valuable, while the slave classes energy expenditure is much less worthy.

Envision a world where everyone has what they need. At those times your heart guides you into action (you know this because there is something you can do that will bring you joy), follow up on that. Each time we follow up on guidance from the heart, the whole world gets closer to that vision of an abundant planet.

Changing the planet involves each and every one of us being willing to follow the heart's wisdom. The heart is what will guide us all home!


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