Friday, October 16, 2015

The Transition

The world is a crazy place. Our lives seem to be falling apart. Our jobs are becoming more stressful as more responsibility gets dumped on us, or we are losing them altogether. Medical crises, housing issues, inconsistent friendships and general life changes are the norm right now. The important thing to understand about the now is this: we are all in transition. We are exiting the mind way of thinking and entering the heart way of thinking.

We have lived in the mind way of thinking for millenia. This is the part of us that uses our "rational" thinking. This is the part of us that bases our actions on what society and our experiences have taught us and what we deem are logical actions according to that information. This is also that part of us that keeps us separate and in ego. It is the part of us that is willing to give up our personal power because we believe that we, as humans, are weak and need something bigger and more powerful than ourselves to save us.

We are transitioning toward a more heart-based approach to living. Living from the heart means being conscious and aware of our connection to Oneness and God/Source. When we are connected to our hearts, we are able to draw on all knowledge and all power that is available in Oneness. We stop being self-centered and become centered, grounded and whole. We are no longer separate, no longer in a state of dependency. We take responsibility for who we are and live accordingly.

Understand the craziness comes in because this transition is a huge process. It is a totally different way of thinking, a whole new way of living! Expect the problems to continue as we struggle through this change. Becoming awake and aware is difficult for most people. It requires throwing out all those false beliefs we have built our lives on and rebuilding our worlds from the ground up.

This process will take quite a few years to complete. Know that if you are reading this, you are probably a little more awake and aware than the average person. That means you are on the front lines and will be prone to extra attacks from those who resist change the hardest. Don't take those attacks personally. It is just part of the process. Find others who are where you are at and come together for mutual support--even if that support is limited to those you know on the internet.

We are living in exciting times! Understand we will all be much better off in the long run, but we have to go through this transition in order to get to the other side. The changes will feel much smoother when we acknowledge the difficulty of the journey and accept them as they are.


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