Monday, October 26, 2015

What Energy Do You Want To Create?

Are you aware that the energy you project is largely a matter of intention? Most of the time, we don't give any thought to the energy we put out into the world. Consequently, the intention part of the process gets lost because we typically run on auto-pilot. All this means is that most of the time we are intending to go with what we already know!

Now that you understand this, are you happy with the energy/frequency you put out in the world? If not, here are a few tips to being intentional about the energy you create!

Tips For Creating More Positive Energy

  1. Get connected to your heart! Not only will this help you see what energies you are creating and projecting, but it will also allow you to explore the reasons for those energies. If you see a problem, you can ask God/Source what you can do to fix it! Following the advice and wisdom that comes from your heart will automatically change your frequency to something more positive!
  2. Focus on those you love! Take a few moments every day and think about all the beings you love. They could be human, animal, plant life, Mother Earth, etc. Remember those loving feelings you have toward them as well as all those things they provide back to you, including love. Love is an extremely powerful frequency. When you remember and feel it, you can then project it out from yourself toward everything you encounter.
  3. Listen to healing music (or create your own)! Your heart will guide you in this area. As you listen to such music, the frequencies created with be absorbed into your own frequency and then be projected out by you. 
  4. Laugh! Laughing is one of the best ways to change your frequency! Not only does it change your energy, but it has a very healing effect on your body that can actually take away pain and cause physical healing!
  5. Physically connect to Mother Earth! Take off your shoes and walk in the grass. Lay on the beach. Place your hands on a living tree. Gaia gives off her own frequency that you can absorb when you directly touch her! It can physically heal your body as it tunes your frequency to hers! Take advantage of this free resource!
It is up to each one of us to take responsibility for the energy we create in the world. After all, what we project will either heal or hinder our own personal growth and the growth of others. Choose to be a force for light and keep your frequency raised high!


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