Saturday, October 31, 2015

What God Do You Worship?

Last night, I posted an investigative video by a reporter named Ben Swann on social media. His story told of a protest that had recently taken place at the CDC here in Atlanta over an admission by a CDC scientist that certain data had been omitted from a study involving vaccines and autism. The omitted data included a possible relationship between the MMR vaccine and a higher incidence of autism and autism symptoms in African American males when it was given before age thirty-six months. Considering the study concluded there was no relationship between the vaccine and autism and was published in the medical journal 'Pediatrics', you would think this would warrant investigation. This is why I posted the video in the first place. The part that people jump on was not the deception, however. The part people pay attention to was arguing whether or not vaccines are good or bad. (You can read/watch the full story HERE.)

It's interesting how when you question people's gods, they come out of the woodwork to defend them. In this particular case the god is "Science." Those of us who dare question the veracity of all those things that have been "proven" in scientific study should be cast into the pit of stupidity!!! It doesn't matter whether or not certain untruths exist within this scientific framework. What really matters is that all science will invariably work out the same time and time again!!! This preeminent truth could not possibly be faked or fudged!!!

Religious devotees use many of the same sorts of arguments to validate their claims about the gods they worship as well. Those of us who dare question the ancient wisdom written down by the prophets of the almighty god should be cast into the pits of hell for our disbelief!!! It doesn't matter whether or not certain groups interpret those words to mean different things! What really matters is truth does not change!!! It cannot be manipulated or controlled by mere mortals!!!

The commonality between the two is the fervent belief that they and they alone have an exclusive understanding of truth. Neither side has all the answers, and this is where the problems begin. When you believe you understand everything you stop asking questions. New understandings of truth can only be attained when you ask the questions that make you look at the situation from a different perspective.

I personally believe there are truths to be learned from all perspectives. Limiting yourself to one or the other limits the facets of truth you are able to uncover.

What god do  you worship? Maybe it's time to discover the god in your heart and open yourself up to the wisdom and knowledge of all!


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