Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Message To All Lightworkers

Regardless of the chaos in Paris over the past few days, I am feeling something new. Something better! It's as though a tremendous burden has finally been lifted off of humanity. There's definitely been a shift, and I believe it is a shift in consciousness!

I first began to notice it in my conversations with others. Incredibly, so many troubles my friends have been going through are all resolving themselves at present--months of troubles for many of them. The best way to describe it is that whatever was keeping them from purpose and abundance has finally given way and is no longer a block.

The dark magic is no longer working. The ritual that was the sacrifice of Paris has had the opposite effect of what they intended. It woke up enough people that we have entered the tipping point!!!

Let me give this word of caution: we are not totally out of the woods yet, nor will everything get better quickly. There is still a tremendous amount of work to do and I am anticipating it will take years to complete. It has taken centuries to program people to this extreme. Overcoming that is not the work of a few days. Also, the cabal has not lost all their power. They are weakened, but still dangerous.

For those of you lightworkers who know you have a job to do, now is the time to begin it! Even if you don't know exactly what that is yet, it is time to start taking the first steps. Consciously connect to your heart for further instruction! Humanity awaits you!!!

The world needs healing in all forms. Gaia, water, air, plant and mineral life, animals, and humans all need help. Whether your calling is farming, healthcare, energy work, art, music, etc. all are needed to restore the planet to her rightful place. The sooner we get started on a global level, the sooner we will usher in a new Golden Age. It will take all of us to accomplish this.

Do not get distracted trying to change others. That is their job. Your job is to be a light and perform the tasks you have agreed to in order to heal the planet. Above all, focus on creating a frequency of love and peace. This will continue to counteract all the negativity that has been forced on us throughout the years.

Take heart in knowing the tide has turned! Time to get busy creating our new world!!!



  1. I would like to re-confirm something has changed. The last couple of weeks have been ?? I don't know, even though circumstances have stayed the same, my ability to deal with them, in a non judgemental way has supprisied especialy me. It's like looking at things through someone else's eyes! A sweet new perspective, a mild detachment from any usless negative emotinal entanglements. Yes that's it detachment from the negative! My ability to overlook and not focus on the these negative things, are increaseing the sweet positive,loveing parts of everyday life. Thank you

  2. So glad you are feeling it as well, Steven!!! Helps me know people are really beginning to tune in to and think with their hearts!!! <3