Thursday, November 12, 2015

Creating Sacred Space

Sometimes, connecting to your heart is easier to do if you have a special place set up where you go to meditate and pray. As I look back at my life, I realize that I have often used special places and objects in order to remind myself of all those things that make me happy and keep me connected to the divine.

When I was a small child, this sacred space usually consisted of some shelf or tabletop in my bedroom where I would keep my treasures. At any given time, an observer would see pretty rocks I had collected, a feather I found  outside, and several knick knacks given to me by my mom or others. All these things would remind me of the happy times I spent outside in nature, that there is beauty in the world, and that I was loved and valued.

Ironically, as I've gotten older I still have many of the same things in my sacred spaces (yes, I have several now that I have my own home). Rocks (aka crystals), knick knacks, inspirational quotes, and candles are among my favorites now. Basically all still things that remind me of nature, beauty and the fact that I am loved.

You can even use outdoor settings for your sacred space. A beautiful grove of trees, a bench tucked into a small nook in your garden, or even a swing on your back porch can all be places you go to seek the quiet and solitude you need to find your own heart. Bring in a potted plant or ornamental stones to complete the calm and serene place you need to find Oneness.

The truth is, you can connect to your heart at any time and any place. However, using the same place allows you to find your center a little more quickly as your body begins to remember what happened the last time you were in that spot. Create your own sacred space to encourage the blessings of the heart to flow to you!


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