Friday, November 13, 2015

Defining Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? The dictionary defines it as several different things. To stop feeling anger or blame against someone or something. Another definition of forgiveness is to stop requiring payment on something that is owed. This could be money, but often it goes much farther than that. There is an element here where the offended person expects something back to make amends for whatever was given, lost, or taken.

There are many times in our lives where we hold on to unforgiveness. When we do this, we block energy from flowing. At these times we choose to hold on to sadness, or anger, or pain of some kind. Often we are not even aware we are doing it. The blocked energy may not be a total block. There can be areas where energy is still exchanged and flowing in our lives. That said, any area that has a block can be made better by removing that block.

I had a friend years ago who allowed unforgiveness to define her. She was a single parent (I was still a single parent at the time) and a fellow soccer mom. We became quite close when we discovered we were divorced for the same reason: our husbands had left for someone else. There was one big difference between us though. My friend chose to hang on to her anger against her ex. She dwelt on the anger and hurt. She did things to try to get back at her ex, including trying to turn their kids against him. She even allowed these feelings to come between our relationship because I chose to be nice to her husband and his new wife at soccer games! (On a side note: I was nice to my ex and his wife at soccer games as well.) My friend was just not able to let this anger go and it showed in almost everything she did.

Forgiveness is where healing begins! By defining and understanding all those places in ourselves where we hold on to negative emotions or feelings, we systematically begin to let go of the anger or blame that controls our lives. We allow energy to loosen up and becoming free flowing once again!

Isn't it time you looked at all those things holding you back from flow and abundance in all areas of your life? By understanding all those places where you hold unforgiveness, you set blocked energy free and allow yourself to live a life of beauty, hope and joy.


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