Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hungry For News

There are a good many people who watch the news. In the family I grew up in, my father liked to watch the news every evening. As it usually came on a dinner time, I watched a good deal of news as a child. That didn't change when I became an adult. What has changed in recent years is what I pay attention to and how I interpret the items I see on mainstream news.

I understand the need for information. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and searching for understanding. In fact, that's what learning and growing is all about. Questions lead you to new awareness. The problem I've gotten myself into is that I have a tendency to look outside myself for answers first. That's what I know--what my programming has always been.

Ironically, the whole reason I became aware of the alternative news scene in the first place was because I was forced to look inside myself for answers!!! I was having problems that the mainstream had no solutions for. I could hear my heart in the background saying, "There's so much more to this story than meets the eye." When I finally took the time to listen to that still small voice and began to look for answers within, I was led to outside information that backed up the answers I received in my heart!!!

So many of us are hungry for news. We want some indication--any indication--that things are working out the way they should be. The problem with this is our focus is on the wrong place. We are so used to looking outside ourselves for answers we don't take the time to consult our hearts for understanding of what is happening! This is why nothing gets done and our world struggles to leave her problems behind.

When we turn our focus inward, we are open to understandings that are not readily apparent in the outside world. When we turn our focus inward, we are instructed through the wisdom of Oneness what our role is in the universe. Not only do we receive the news we need when we need it, but we are able to play an active role in fixing problems and helping our world evolve.

Our world will make a great deal more progress when we begin to understand the answers lie within.


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