Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Do NOT Consent!

Lately, I keep hearing the words "I do NOT consent" pounding through my mind and heart. As I watch events unfold on the world stage, my heart tells me there is more evil being plotted by the powers that be in order to further their agenda of total world domination. The thing is, I don't feel like allowing them to play their evil games!

One of the universal laws they must follow in order to legally carry out their plans is the law of consent. They must gain the consent of those involved in order to be allowed to follow through with their plans. Part of the problem is they don't have to come right out and tell us they're going to bomb a building or kill innocent people. They can present the information in such a way that it is there in the mass consciousness but hidden, such as in a tv program or movie. In this way they can gain our implied consent because they have disclosed the information to us, regardless of whether or not we understand what has been presented.

When your heart is troubled because it senses upcoming plots and plans to bring evil and destruction into the world, understand you have the power to change outcomes! All you have to do is state the words, "I do NOT consent," in a very intentional way. Removing your consent from whatever is causing your feeling of impending doom binds and hinders the actions others take to carry this evil out.

Listen to your heart when it warns you, and do not be afraid to utter the words, "I do NOT consent." At worst, you'll feel a little silly. At best, you may just keep evil at bay.


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