Saturday, November 14, 2015

Manifesting Peace

We believe we want peace. We look around at all the fighting, all the war, all the violence, yet one day does not become better than the next. The struggle is still a constant in our lives. Why is that? I believe the answer can be found within our own hearts!

Sit back. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Picture yourself--your spirit or soul--contained within your physical heart. Feel yourself fully there in this moment of now. Take the time to explore all those things you find there. What do you find there? Do you feel peace or are you worried about something? Do you see/feel conflict in the world around you?

What you see/feel in your heart is important because what is in your heart manifests in your physical world. If you feel conflict with another person in your heart, it is present in your outer world. If you see the wars and violence in your heart, it becomes present in the world around you.

What can you do to change this? Use this heart meditation time to feel something different. Remember times in your life where you felt truly joyful and happy. Get very specific. Maybe your memory was of your birthday, where people were present to celebrate you! Notice the happiness around you. Ask yourself, "In this happy moment, was there conflict?" If you picked the best memory, the answer should be "no". Reflect on the feelings the memory brings up--especially the peace aspect. Allow yourself to sit with those feelings until you once again begin to feel them in the rest of your body.

The bottom line is, peace is either part of your frequency/energy or it is not. If you do not carry that vibration of peace with you everywhere you go, you will not see it in your outside world. Like attracts like. That's what the old saying "Birds of a feather flock together" means.

It is up to each one of us to BE peace in the world. If you profess peace but have conflict with a friend or family member or coworker, you are not BEing peace. You are not carrying that frequency. If you believe others have to change to bring about peace you are focused on something outside yourself which you have no real control over. The only thing this will accomplish is to keep you separate, and separation is not part of peace.

Peace is not merely the absence of conflict. It is also the understanding that, on some level, we are all truly interconnected and interdependent on each other. Until we are able to internalize this concept, we will continue to have conflict in our lives.

Peace, like everything else, is a choice. Manifesting peace is a matter of looking within and understanding we are all One.


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