Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Opening Awareness

I had an interesting experience yesterday. It was Tuesday, and I had to go to my part time retail job. While I enjoy my coworkers and the fact that it gets me out of the house and out in the public, I was not looking forward to it. Still, as I drove to work I had this overwhelming sense it was a weekend sort of day--lazy, nothing to do, etc. As I continued to make my way in to the job it finally dawned on me. I wasn't feeling like it was a weekend day because of anything I personally felt. I was feeling the mood of all the people in the homes and cars and businesses around me! Where I live here in Georgia, pretty much all the kids are home from school all week long because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

As I go down this road of opening my own awareness and attempting to help others unlock theirs as well, it is interesting to see when progress has been made. I'm sure there have been many times in the past the feelings/energies of those around me were obvious, but I was oblivious. Many occasions I did not even question whether or not what I was feeling came from me or someone or something else.

The journey the planet is currently undergoing is the process of opening awareness. We have all spent many years in darkness--many years feeling separate and disconnected. As stated before, these beliefs about our separateness have been programmed into us intentionally by those who would usurp our power for themselves. Awareness is the process of learning how to listen to the knowledge that comes from tapping into the Source of love within our own hearts.

Allow yourself to celebrate the awarenesses as they come. These are the little signs that you are beginning to remember who you truly are! The more we begin to recognize the connections we have to ourselves, each other and the world, the more our whole world begins to change for the better.

We are making progress, slow though it may seem. Every step we take toward thinking through our hearts helps to open our awareness. Allow yourself to celebrate the journey!


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