Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our Own Worst Enemy

I've had many female past lives. Recently, I've noticed a common thread among many of them. I usually began life as a very brilliant, independent (and headstrong) young woman and over time was stifled and suppressed in some way. Often times, the suppression would be physical as that was the only way to really bring me down. In more recent lifetimes though, I felt myself being more on guard. I would hide who I was before anyone could physically suppress me. Instead of being the shining light I was born to be I would suppress myself. I have become my own worst enemy.

I would say that is true with many of us. We are our own worst enemies. Instead of allowing our gifts and talents to be expressed in the world, we hide them. We believe we are not good enough. We trust our programming that problems and mistakes overshadow the good we do. Often we feel so unworthy we allow our lives to be wasted in the hamster wheel that is the world today.

Now is the time to remember who we are. We are all brilliant, shining lights full of gifts and talents that can illuminate the whole world if we allow ourselves to shine! We do not need to live dull, ordinary lives so that a few people can benefit from our labors.

We allow this to happen because we are cut off from our hearts--our own connection to the Divine. We listen to our programming because we have been taught to ignore what is inside us. It is our hearts that help us find ourselves again. It is in our hearts that we begin to reconnect with our own self worth.

Stop being your own worst enemy. Dare to dream. Dare to follow your own heart!


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