Monday, November 30, 2015

Understanding Your Higher Self

We all have many versions of ourselves. The variety is almost endless. There is the version we show to the world and the version we hide. There are versions of us in various lifetimes as well as versions of ourselves in various timelines. The possibilities are mind-boggling. There is one version, however, that is all-encompassing. It consists of us in every lifetime, in every state of development and in every timeline. I like to call this version the "higher self" because it literally contains every variable of self, and can draw on all the information and knowledge contained therein.

The first thing to understand about the higher self is that it is actually a part of you, right here, right now! It experiences everything with you as you experience it. At no time is your higher self separate from you, although you might not sense its presence as you experience this timeline.

Your higher self is not limited to time. Your higher self encompasses you in every lifetime and every timeline. Consequently, your higher self can focus on a particular moment in a particular lifetime and find itself there in the moment. It experiences everything you experience, have ever experienced or will ever experience in this moment of now.

Your higher self is not limited to this dimension. Because it is the version of you that has experienced every dimension, your higher self can jump from dimension to dimension or choose to experience all dimensions simultaneously. This is how beings like Jesus or Mohammed or the Buddha can appear to different people at various points in their lives. It is the higher self version of these people that is able to jump dimensions and even timelines to visit with you and impart their wisdom.

Your higher self is not limited to any particular space. It can be so small it would be considered nonexistent by a physicist, but so large it literally encompasses everything. When we meditate and learn to connect to the Oneness within, we can catch a glimpse of this unlimited reality while still in this limited form.

Why is it important to understand the higher self? Because the higher self is our unlimited self, we can use this version to connect with great wisdom and understanding. When we connect to our higher self we can use it to heal those wounds we have experienced in life. We can consult our higher self to gain insight and wisdom into the situations we are going through and hopefully lead us to better ways of doing things. Most importantly, we can connect to our higher self and in that way connect to the Oneness in stronger and more power ways.

By understanding your higher self, you can much more quickly and easily move past the obstacles in life we face every day. Allow yourself to explore the many facets that make up the whole of your higher self. You will learn things about yourself and the world that will help you progress through life in relative ease and with joy!


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