Friday, November 20, 2015

What Is Confusion Telling You?

Confusion is something we all experience from time to time. We seem to get pulled in several different directions all at the same time and have problems understanding which direction we need to go in. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: confusion results from the heart knowing truth that your mind refuses to accept.

Let me say that in a slightly different way. Confusion happens because your perception is not aligning with truth (or what IS). The information (truth) is always available. We often just don't want to look at it. Sometimes it is due to heavy programming that is difficult to see beyond. On other occasions, we don't want to look at truth because we don't want to believe such things could be true. For example, I ignored the events of 9/11 for years because I did not want to face the fact there was that much evil in the world. I could handle the thought that a few delusional religious terrorists could commit such an act. It is a whole different matter to understand the atrocity was planned and set into motion by the very people we look to for protection.

How can we limit confusion in our lives? We limit confusion by connecting to and looking at the truth in our hearts! When you feel confusion, understand your body is letting you know there is more information to uncover. (Emotions are your body's way of getting your attention to let you know information wants to make itself known to you. When you feel one, pay attention!) The following is a list of ideas you can use to help filter the muck confusion brings.

Interpreting Confusion
  1. Recognize you feel confusion. Allow confusion to be a trigger for you so you remember to look at the information being presented to you. 
  2. Ask questions. Begin with things like, "What information is trying to make itself known to me?" and "What is not true about this situation?".
  3. Connect to your heart for answers. Go to a quiet place and meditate. As you sit in silence, allow the noise and clutter of your thoughts to die down enough to feel/hear the quiet. It is in the quiet that answers come.
  4. Look at what confuses you from a new/different perspective. Ask yourself how your opponent might see this issue. Ask how a favorite religious figure (Jesus, Mohammed, God, Buddha, etc.) would look at this situation. Ask how a child might view this situation. Visualize the issue of confusion in the center of a circle, then move around the circle and continue to look at the situation.
Confusion offers us the opportunity to come to new insights and understandings about how the world is. Make use of this valuable gift from Source to open your awareness and create new space for growth!


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