Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Where Does Creativity Come From?

Often, we look around at the successful people in the world and wonder where they came up with the ideas that have brought them abundance. The entrepreneur, the artist, the healer, etc. all seem to blessed with the inner know-how that brings accomplishment into their lives. What is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not? One word: heart!

What most people see as creativity is actually the unseen connection prosperous people have to their hearts! Knowingly or unknowingly, these people are tuned in to what makes them happy and how they can use their gifts and talents to make them even more happy. They spend a great deal of time in their hearts exploring various ways they can use their gifts and talents to enrich themselves and the world. This is creativity at it's best!!! When you are in your heart, the ideas you can connect to are virtually limitless.

Now that you know this, how can you get into your heart in order to tap into this creativity? Here's a list of things you can do to help get started.

How To Increase Creativity

  1. Meditate daily! Take time every day to get into your heart and allow yourself to explore who you are and where your particular gifts, talents and callings reside. As you become increasingly familiar with yourself, ideas should begin to flow.
  2. Look at the world through the eyes of a child! Children are curious and like to explore what they don't understand. As an added bonus, everything is interesting and exciting no matter how many times it happens. As adults, we can become so jaded by those everyday experiences we tune them out and miss information in the process. Allow yourself to see what is possible in everyday situations. You might just see something new that can be worked with!
  3. Get out of your rut! Creativity requires doing things in new ways! Change up the way you drive to work. Take up a new hobby you think you might enjoy. Explore a new recipe. Learn to change the oil in your car. Any activity that allows you to see life from a new angle can assist you in getting those creative juices flowing!
  4. Be willing to take risks! Part of creativity is doing something in new or unusual ways. Yes, there is always the possibility of failure, but failing and making mistakes are not bad things. They're learning things. Keep going! It took Thomas Edison over 1000 tries before he created a successful light bulb! Ask yourself what the world would be like if he had stopped at 999?
  5. Ask for divine help! There are times in life when we all feel a bit stuck. Ask your angels to guide you to the right place or send someone into your life that will make it clear what direction you need to focus on. They will usually give you sign after sign after sign (coincidences you might call them) until you figure out that this is the clue you have been waiting for.
Creativity is not limited to the lucky and intelligent few. We all have the ability to create positive change in our lives. Allow yourself to connect within to unleash the creative power in you!


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