Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who Are You In This Moment Of Now?

Tensions are high around the world as I write this. People are reeling from the trauma of events in Paris as well as in other parts of the world. The media would have you believe that all the world is evil and we can't avoid it. My question today is, who are you in this moment of now?

Take a few moments to sit in a quiet place where you can relax with your eyes closed. Inhale and exhale slowly, deep, cleansing breaths. Feel the tension and stress leave your body on your exhales while you focus on bringing light and peace into your body when you inhale. Shift your awareness to this breathing until you can feel your spirit resting comfortably in your body and not somewhere outside yourself (in imagination or otherwise).

When you are aware of your spirit resting inside your body, ask yourself a few simple questions. What is in my heart? Do I feel fear or love? If fear, is this because of circumstances within yourself or outside yourself? Allow yourself to let go of what is outside yourself as you focus on being present in your body in the now. Do you feel love? If not, allow yourself to connect to the love in your heart, which is always present. Understand that love is not only a part of you but a part of your connection to Oneness as well. Love is the force that binds us all together!!! Allow yourself to sit in this love until you begin to feel a sense of joy and peace. These are the frequencies you need to focus on and try to carry with you at all times.

In each moment of now, we can choose who we want to be! When we focus on love, we are choosing to carry that frequency. We are choosing to bring love into our physical world. Those around us respond in positive ways to that frequency.

Who are you in this moment of now? By focusing on the question we have the power to intentionally change the world!!!


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