Thursday, December 31, 2015

Awaken To Self

Did you know that you are an infinite being of light and love? Did you know you are deserving of all the good things the world has to offer? Although this understanding is deep in the core of your being, you may be so disconnected from yourself that you forget these simple facts. It is time to remember who you are! It is time to awaken to self!

Take the time to get to know yourself better! I find the best time for deep self-understanding is to actually contemplate who I am during meditation time. Here is a list of questions to get started and re-acquaint yourself with you!

Questions For Self-Discovery

  1. What is important to me in life? Family and friends? Career? Etc.
  2. What things am I most proud of and give me a sense of accomplishment? List some of my experiences where I felt accomplished.
  3. What activities bring me the most joy?
  4. What are my talents and skills? How can I incorporate these things into my daily life if they are not already there on a daily basis?
  5. What do I value about myself?
This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of questions for self-discovery. These questions are merely designed as a place to begin. Hopefully they will lead you to many more questions that will help you remember who exactly you are and where you hope to go in life! 

When we are awakened to self, we are more likely to tap into life purpose. We are more likely to allow ourselves to be who we are and enjoy the journey. Time to remember who you are so you have the opportunity to fulfill your life's purpose!


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