Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Becoming Divine Love

This meditation is designed to not only help you connect to your heart, but also more specifically to help you tune in to the divine love that is present in all of us. When you understand how to tap in, it is much easier to remember and BE love.

Sit in a quiet place with you eyes closed and your body in a relaxed position. Allow your body to take several large cleansing breaths, totally filling up and dispelling the air in your lungs. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Upon inhaling, imagine yourself bringing in healing into your body. Exhale any tension, stress, anxiety, sadness or anger.

When you feel a sense of calm and relaxation, bring attention to your heart. Sense your heartbeat. Feel the presence of your spirit as this is the area of the body where your soul resides. Allow yourself the time to understand the beauty that is you! Feel the purpose. Recognize your talents. Acknowledge that a very powerful being of light resides here!

As you begin to appreciate the beautiful being that is you, shift your awareness to love. Focus on a friend or family member you are close to who has helped you experience great unconditional love. If no one comes immediately to mind, maybe you've shared a loving relationship with a pet or some other animal. It could even be some sort of inanimate object, like a tree you meditate by or a journal where you were able to say all the things, good or bad, that were in your heart. Everything has energy/frequency, and you can feel a love connection to energy. The bottom line is, it needs to be something that has been there for you in an unconditional way.

Explore that loving relationship. Note your happiness. This being was always there for you. He/she made you feel better about yourself and more alive. Continue on in these thoughts and feelings until you sense them not only throughout your entire body but emanating out from your body as well. Feel the love energy as you draw from that experience and allow it to expand and flow out into the world around you.

As you feel this love energy, begin to picture some of the people you might encounter in your world. Note that some of them may be downright hurtful and mean. Picture this love energy you feel reaching out to and enveloping those sorts of people. Understand these people are reacting from the hurt and pain they've experienced in their lives and need healing. BEing love for them is healing. Picture yourself radiating this love out to everyone and everything, and allow yourself to receive that same love back in return. Continue these thoughts until it feels like a natural extension of yourself. It may take just a few minutes or longer, but it can and will happen if you allow it.

As you go back to your daily life, understand BEing divine love can be a part of your everyday existence. Not only will you heal yourself, but you will also heal the planet!


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