Friday, December 25, 2015

Hope For The Future

Christmas has always been a happy time for me. Being raised in a Christian home, it was always a cause for celebration. Christmas carols. Holiday treats. Special programs at church to prepare for. I especially loved it when my mom unwrapped and set up the porcelain nativity set that my Grandma Shippy had made for her. I would spend hours looking at it and rearranging it every Christmas season. It reminded me of the story of Jesus birth and its message of hope. To this day, I love nativity sets and have a small collection that I bring out every year.

Even though I know the mythology of Jesus birth, I also understand that Jesus was a very powerful teacher of light. In many ways, I can relate to being born into a world that doesn't quite get me. I struggle every day, knowing people are still caught up in a system of false beliefs that keep them enslaved. I know I came to help. What is frustrating to me is knowing the only way people can be freed is when they are willing to step up and save themselves.

Fortunately, there are misfits like me all over the planet. They, too, struggle to help others understand the part they play in the bigger picture. These misfits know their own part of the plan and are working to overcome the darkness that has spent millenia overwhelming the planet. Although progress is slow, it is being made. The number of people that wake up to this new reality grows every day. Although we still have a long way to go, we continue to forge ahead. I know I am here to change the world. If you are reading this, you are also here to change the world.

There is so much hope for the future. Together, we have the power create a place we all want to live in. Together, we can build the world of our dreams.


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