Sunday, December 13, 2015

Identifying Forgiveness Issues

If you think about problems as being blocked or stagnant energy, it becomes easy to see how such energy gets in the way of achieving what you want in life. What we often fail to recognize is that we ourselves are the reason energy gets blocked in the first place. By understanding ways we block our own energy we can begin to heal our lives and create blessings for ourselves and others. Although healing through forgiveness may sound very limited, forgiveness issues are at the heart of this blocked energy. Healing Thru Forgiveness is a process by which we look at life's problems with an eye to identifying relational issues, ask key questions, and allow the blocked energy to dissipate and heal.

There are four core areas where we carry unforgiveness.
  1. Relational issues with others. These are the most obvious obstacles to forgiveness and what we tend to think of when we consider forgiveness. Someone in our lives has harmed us in some way, and we hold on to the energy in an effort to protect ourselves. 
  2. Relational issues with self. This is where we make personal mistakes and hold on to feelings such as guilt and shame, which then become blocked energy.
  3. Relational issues involving our environments. These are problems we carry due to the false teachings and beliefs of our families, cultures and societies. 
  4. Relational issues involving our experiences. These are problems involving traumas big and small that we carry around with us until we consciously choose to let them go.
There can be (and often is) overlap within these key areas. Issues we have with others may also include environmental and/or experiential components. The same is true with relational issues involving self. When this is true, forgiveness needs to be approached from several different angles in order to completely overcome all blocked energy involved.

By identifying our forgiveness issues, we can begin to consciously let go of those stagnant and blocked energies holding us back from the lives we want. We are empowered to heal ourselves and the world.


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