Thursday, December 17, 2015


When I was young, I had a very romantic view of what soulmates were supposed to be. I dreamed of being swept off my feet by some knight in shining armor and we would ride off happily into the sunset together. To me, soulmates were literally two souls that were not whole or complete until they found their "other half".

After ten years of marriage and a divorce, I had very different feelings on soulmates. While the first part of my marriage did in some respects live up to my expectations, my divorce left me extremely broken. I literally had to rebuild myself from the ground up. Consequently, my views on what soulmates were went through some very radical changes. My new, independent self no longer required another human to feel complete and whole. I believed the soulmate concept was for the weak.

Today is my nine year anniversary of my second marriage. I'd be lying if I said my current relationship wasn't full of struggles. It has taken me all of nine years of marriage to understand and appreciate who my husband is to me.

Soulmates are those people who come into your life to help you become a better person. They aren't meant to be the one-and-only love of your life throughout eternity (although there is a good chance they have been part of other lifetimes). They do not always play spouse/companion roles. Sometimes they come in the form of a child or best friend. You can have more than one soulmate in any given lifetime. The point is, a soulmate plays a significant role in helping you achieve your purpose in life. While soulmates are often encouragers, they can play antagonistic roles as well. Sometimes it takes being uncomfortable to make you take the actions necessary to become a better person, and some soulmates do just that!

I am married to my soulmate. He not only allows me to be me, but he also gives me the time and space I need to follow my dreams. When I ask him for help and support, he gives it to me. On top of all that, he loves me, regardless of how crazy and nonsensical my ideas and dreams appear to be. He doesn't try to change me or hide who I am.

I appreciate all those soulmates who come into my life to enhance it and help me become all that I was meant to BE!


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